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Hi -

I have sucessfully (thanks to the forum) produced grapes on my vine for the first year, outdoors in a sheltered spot. Last year I overwintered it in the summerhouse.  I can do this again as its only about 6ft tall, and not really intertwined on the trellis.  The question is, WHAT do you prune off; as there are conflicting reports on this one, and HOW do you overwinter it correctly.  I have 2 vines now, one is small and easy to relocate, the other fruit bearing one is vitis sauvignon, (blanc) and it has produced so much fruit that I want to get this right! Can anyone help please?


  • Hi, the following link was posted when this question was asked before and I found it very helpful. I hope you do too.

  • Hi. I have two vines planted permenantly outside in the garden. One grows along garden shed, with quite a few bunches of grapes, and only been growing for 2 years.

    The.other planted last year, again in open ground, but stem through into my shed extension, which is walk through, minus doors, to permit access to the top part of the garden, made from Perspex which is basically an open cold frame, about 8ft high, and similar width and length. Vine now being trained along wires etc.

    I have seen several greenhouses on local allotments, with vines planted outside, but stem through a missing glass. Even some garden centres have similar within their restaurant extensions, with plenty go grapes growing well

    Hampton Court has a vine growing outside, stem inside, many hundreds of bunches grapes this year, and reputed to be over 50 years, (from memory, maybe even more)

    Most vines are hardy, so should survive outside ok.

  • I prune mine(thirty odd years old) in october no later ,leaving the old two stems cutting off the leaves and to the height I is grown out side .

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