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Hi I wonder if someone can advise I have a front border with poor soil conditions and would like an idea what will thrive and survive. Last summer I planted a Wisteria which is coming on leaps and bounds but below I planted at the same time as the Wisteria, 15 Schizostylis Pink Princesses and they are not flowering and although watered through the summer the leaves and growth are really poor. I was under the impression these would thrive in poor soil conditions. The sun arrives early morning only, also I had planted between them Geranium Kashmir White which were green last year with no flowers and did not come through again at all this year. The front of the border is thriving with lavender but as this side of the border is edged in grass I would not want to plant lavender as mowing would damage the flowers. The back of the border is the garage wall. Any thoughts would be gratefully received - a blue and white theme is something that appeals as well.


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    Agree with Verdun, Schizostylis needs rich moist soil, I grow it in sandy soil that I have to keep adding to it does ok but could be better.  It just starting to flower now as well.

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    Kashmir White likes rather better soil as well. Geranium renardii will put up with poor soil but like the sun. G x cantabrigiensis does better in shade and can cope with not very good soil 'Biokovo' is white(ish). The white version of Geranium macrorrhizum isn't as robust as the coloured ones but tolerates the shade. There's a white form of G. phaeum as well, good for shade

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    Hope not Verdun. I missed that one.


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    Hi sorry for the late reply and thanks for the help - the soil is really poor and only gets the sun for a couple of hours early morning and the lavender is in the sun for the most of the morning. The soil is really sandy, gritty and dry I did horse manure it at the beginning of the year believing it may help. All through the summer I kept it well watered the wisteria is doing well though - I am wondering Verdun if you could advise on an alternative for dry shade with a blue and white colour - thanks again

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    Wow Verdun - sounds amazing!  Can we have pics when it is done StillLearning??

    The Stone Age didn’t end because they ran out of stones ......
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    Hi absolutely Chicky.

    Verdun your ideas have given me lots of scope and lots ideas and has cheered me up - really excited about planning and revamping it.... and I wont be forgetting the compost - Thanks so much for the advice image

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