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Talkback: Aphids

All the greenfly are in my garden, on my roses, sweetpea's and lettce. I have seen loads of ladybirds at work in the hants area. Oh and i have had no end of trouble with slugs since we had rain, they have even found a way round the copper tape!


  • Very few aphids of any colour in my garden too, Pippa, but I do have lots of ladybirds so they could be the reason. My big worry is a fox which has dug beneath my Bramley apple tree and made a den underneath it. The tree has tons of fruit on it. There is a front and back door to the den but I do not know how deep it is. The fox leaves its droppings at the front door!
  • No problem with the aphids in Belfast. They are everywere? My indoor coriander wes even swarming with them! I couldnt tell you when I last seen a Ladybird in my garden, I could do with a few though.
  • Aphids are around in Peterborough, but possibly not in the proportions of previous years. Perhaps they're missing the luscious shoots encouraged by summer rain, which we have NOT seen in any meaningful quantity for months.

    Broad bean pods have a nice overcoat of blackfly, and 'soft' bedding like nicotiana has greenfly.

    There are a few woolly aphid appearing on my apple trees, but I treat at first sight with the soapy spray SB Plant Invigorator. I'm also using this as a regular preventive spray on greenhouse cucumbers to avoid red spider mite and whitefly taking hold, and it appears to be working.
  • I have loads of blackfly on my runner beans, well I did have until I washed and squashed a lot of them off with a rag and a bowl of water. I have left some for the numerous ladybirds that I also have in the garden.
  • I know where the blackfly are, on my nasturtiums!But I guess they are doing their job as sacrificial plants because my broad beans and runner beans are free of bugs. What I want to know is where are all the ladybirds that used my garden as a 4 star hotel all winter and then disappeared just when I needed them?!
  • My runner beans are also black with aphids! Did I read about epsom salts solution being an answer? If so does anyone out there know the quantities to use?
    I've used a purchased pesticide but they quite like it cos they seem to be multplying.....HELP!
  • Not as many aphids as usual but still enough to be a nuisance here in S.E. Ireland. I was amazed to see ladybirds this Springtime but, alas, not one has been sighted this summer!!
  • I have been inundated with lavender beetle this year!!!
  • not too many aphids they usually smother the leaves on my sycamores.... but my lavender is covered in lavender beetle!
  • not a major problem in my garden in Skye but one month ago they swarmed over one of my indoor basil plants wiping it out. The other one escaped along with my chillies but 2 days ago they were all over the basil and chillies. I rescued the chillies but the basil is in a sorry state. These are tiny grey variety........anyone know hoe to stop this?....being a beginner its quite disheartening!
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