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Talkback: Garden birds, squirrels and fruit crops

There are eleven figs on my small fig tree in the conservatory, Adam ,and I know from experience to keep the door to the garden shut from now on, else the squirrels will have them. I suspected foxes the first year it happened as I have had a fox come in the house and go out with a satsuma in each cheek, but I heard a pot fall one day and saw the squirrel with a fig in his mouth go out the door. My Bramley apples feed many families now the tree is so huge but this morning something wild has dug a big hole beneath it. There are lots more places in my garden for a fox or badger to live too without jeopardising the Bramley. Still, we would be in a sorry state without our wildlife.


  • I have picked a large crop of blackcurrants and the vine weevils love them. At least 30 on the leaves and in the bowls of fruit. I found them in the house as well having climbed out of the fruit bowls.

    Just pulled apart the branches of the currant bushes and there they were sitting on the leaves. I don't think they eat the fruit just the leaves, but I have never seen so many all at once.
  • I have a small red berry and blueberry tree and just when I went to pick the fruit I saw the previous day they were gone. Its as if the wildlife knew I was coming. Being the first year I doubt I will get much fruit anyway but all going well next year I will be prepared for the invasion :)The strawberries I picked asap and ate straight away. At least there was some reward.
  • My wild life will have a feast on blackberries, top half of my garden which I have neglected has been taken over by brambles. I had a lovely show of flowers,I will pick some to eat and the wild life can have the rest.
  • Oh yes, do leave some for the wildlife. My big problem is when they take it all!
  • My tayberry growing in a pot had some fruit on yesterday morning, yesterday afternoon all gone. It is alright to grow tayberry in a pot? I didnt want it take over the garden.
  • i found this website and i like its products just waiting for my delievery now. really helped my garden
  • I have lots of problems with pests pinching crops (especially fruit) at my allotment. I thought I had the answer when I moved all of my strawberries to my garden. Lots of our neighbours have cats which are on patrol most of the time, keeping the birds at bay. All was well until my dog developed a taste for strawberries and the whole lot disappeared! There's more about my lottie trials and tribulations (and the antics of my naughty hound)on my blog at
  • Hi Adam
    It happened to me 3 days ago .. I have [had ] 3 peaches on my small 2nd yr tree . One was ripening beautifully and now its gone. I am really peeved ! It can only be the squirrels !! I so want to eat one of my own peaches :(
  • Blueberries and blackbirds are my problem! Each year my netting is getting more intense but this year it seems to be paying off.I pick the berries every other day and the ones that have dropped I leave on my step for the birds. That way they do get a lookin but under my controlled conditions!
  • Oh, the lengths we gardeners have to go to in order to enjoy tasty home-grown produce. I do love my resident birds, but wish they'd learn to share! If only they'd get a taste for weeds!
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