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Talkback: Flying Ants Day



  • Lovely sunny day last Monday, 25th July, two nests one on the lawn by a drain, and one in a hugh shell by the pond also small nest by front drive way. All ants so busy launching the winged ones into the air, wonderfull to see. Yesterday afternoon 29th another small nest either side of window in wall, all flew away within an hour.
  • sat 30th july millions of ants in glasgow 2 day feel as if my skin was crawling
  • been waiting for "ant day" and was alarmed this evening, when all of a sudden, hundreds of ants emerged from my garden. Totally ruined my peaceful quiet night with a glass of wine.
  • today the ants flew en masse - Vancouver BC, CANADA
  • I am only up at this time of day cos I freaked out when I saw all these beasties @ 6pm last night. Was panicking I would have to pay thousands to get a big tree felled cos had no idea what was going on. There were many thousands of what I now know after 'surfing' are flying ants. I hope they have moved on when I leave the house later today.
  • have been getting flying ants in the house every day.the house temperature must confuse the ants came out big style,im talking hundreds,we think one of our walls must be home to a colony but we wish they would allfor nature but how do you confine them to outdoors?
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