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Still blooming

Hello everyone,

Random pic from me today. A couple of rosebuds! Still blooming.

 Just beautiful.

I hope you're all enjoying the beautiful weather today. And I hope I posted in the right place! Love Heather x


  • That's great Heather (I'm another Heather by the way). Some roses will just keep going weather permitting, through into November. I have a rose Mortimer Sackler on an arch and still has quite a few buds with the existing flowers and I noticed my Lady Emma Hamilton has a couple of buds about to break open.

    Enjoy your week

  • Hi Heather good to meet you. Sorry to be so long responding, this site hasn't been working properly and wasn't updating.

    The rosebud is now fully opened and looking more gorgeous than everl.What a difference a day makes!

    Have a good week 

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