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Talkback: Urban foxes

I have two visiting foxes at present, one shy but one who just loves to sit and watch me work. My dopey squirrel is still around, the one who insists on going down flat to get under the side gate even when it is open. Having a very long garden the robins have territories across it and they vary a lot in their markings,some much darker brown and some with bigger red breasts.


  • "The Wonder of Weeds" programme on BBC4 tonight at 9 promises to make our wildlife gardening even more exciting, at last the weeding part of it.
  • The "tame "fox in my garden likes to sit on my garden wall in the evening and watch the people go by to the pub. None of them ever look up. I must see whether I can photograph him.
  • My daughter has a fox den at the bottom of the garden with three cubs in it and the vixen is always on the prowl round the childrens rabbits and guinea-pigs one rabbit missing so far they leave their mess all over the lawn which really smells my dog loves to roll in it dead birds left around but no squirrels around this year will the fox have eaten them any one have any idea when they leave the den or what she could do to deter them from coming so near the house my small grandaughter is afraid of going down the garden.
  • my grandpa doesent have a fox .charlie our cat chases them off . but we have a toad called lopez .
  • Last night there was a terrible raccoon fight in my back yard. It was louder than usual and the screams were more piercing. This morning I noticed that one of the raccoons was missing his entire tail. Me thinks the removal of the tail is what caused all the noise!
  • I have never seen one in the garden but as Marion (from York) my dog seems able to home in on fox poo from miles away!....He does sometimes come in from the garden stinking of it so they must visit sometimes. When we had the snow and a full moon foxes could be clearly seen hunting in the fields at the end of our garden and I was interested to see them hunting in pairs. I saw several different pairs and they would ambush the coots and other water birds in the drains which run across the fields...

  • We have two local foxes. One is very mangy, with hardly any fur & very thin, the other is in tip-top condition, with a glossy red coat & a fine brush. Doesn't seem fair really.
  • I have a 'charm' of goldfinches! The most that have been lined up on the washing line, waiting their turn at the nyger seed feeder, is 10. They're such a squabblesome crew, it's hilarious to watch and listen to them. The other 'gang' are the sparrows from next doors' roof space, boy can they bicker, but again, hilarious to watch with their dust baths.
  • I live in east Somerset, and we have got loads of foxes here. but to marion from york, If you don't want Charlie (Mr Fox) comming into your garden you can try painting you'r fence with creosote. Foxes hate the smell of it. It saved my childrens bunnies, etc, from being lunch for Mr Fox.
  • i have 2 foxes that have been coming to m garden for about 4yrs or so, they are boy and girl foxes as this year i have 3 lovely baby cubs...sooooooooooo cute,i can tell them apart as 1 has the most prettiest of faces and the other has a very thin sharpe face [actually quite ugly...][sorry to say].
    cheeky chaps scratch on my door for food.

    happymarion,your right about the robins,i witnessed 2 of them having a right old fight on sunday i actually thought 1 was gonna die....but he or she thought better of it and got out while they still had air in its lungs.
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