Buying the right tool


About to purchase some new tools but need some recommendations.

Could anyone recommend the best grass edging cutters and pruners.




  • There are a few decent brands out there but you need to see how they fit in your hand and feel. If the ergonomics is wrong they won't be nice to use.

  • Like blueberry says, it's a personal thing. I love the Burgon & Ball tools because they feel really nice in my hands. They clean up well, don't splinter and don't seem to blunt. For pruning, though, my favorite tool ever is my secateurs from Jardin deFrance. They have this incredible ratchet action and even my tiny little wrist (I am an exceedingly petite woman) doesn't feel any strain regardless of how thick a branch I am cutting through.  They are pretty pricey but I'm getting to the stage (and age, probably) where I truly believe that 'buy cheap, buy twice' is a truism. 

  • The others are absolutely right. Find what suits you. The weight is important too or you'll soon get tired.

    Secateurs: I like Felcos, no 2 seems to hit the spot. Bit pricey but last and last .... you can also (eventually if you need to) get replacement parts, blades etc.

    Spades and forks: I've used Spear and Jackson and I used the ladies spade (cos I'm female, not necessary a lady though!) and it's slightly smaller and the weight's just right. You can shapen the blade of it a little too, not razor sharp but just isn't blunt.

    Loppers and shears: Wilkinson sword, again good and light, loppers have a lever action for easier cutting and the blades can be sharpened easily and mine have lasted ages.

    Just some ideas, but do find what's best for you and your budget, but do try and get a reasonable quality. Good luck

  • I'm hankering after the Jardin deFrance long-handled loppers - that rachet system is amazing!

    Don't go anywhere without my Felco no 2, & have both the wooden & metal Spear & Jackson large & border spades & forks (they were on offer & I couldn't resist!)  The metal are great for heavy duty work & the wooden ones I keep for "nice"!

    I have a Spear & Jackson lawn half-moon tool which is just the right weight & height for me.



  • Oh, MamboMouse, you made me feel so happy with your comment about keeping the wooden spades for 'nice' image  I've always been too emabrrassed to admit it before but the truth is that I usually buy two of every tool for my potting shed... One gets to hang up in gleaming, pristine prettiness and the other actually gets used.

    Back to answering Gardenqueen's original question, the comments about Spear & Jackson tools reminded me that since I bought their 3/4 sized border fork and spade I've never used any of my full-sized ones so, in retrospect, I wouldn't have bothered buying any of my full 'man-sized' tools at all.  Having said that, a lot of ladies these days are a lot taller and stronger than I am.  What on earth are they feeding kids these days???

  • I did hesitate before admitting that!  But I felt I was among friends! image

  • Son1aSon1a Posts: 2

    Until recently, my favourite tool was my new ratchet secateurs from Jardin de France. However, after just a few months of use, the spring has broken and Jardin De France cannot be contacted. And according to some reviews, they are no longer dispatching goods ordered and paid for via the internet ... so take care!

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