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Edging for beds

Our garden comprises of two  beds either side of a large gravel 'lawn'. The gravel was here when we moved in and there are tons of it. I would like to enlarge the beds to reduce the gravel area but can't find a suitable edging as I want curves not straight edges. We have rotten log roll edges at the moment but I would like something different.


  • Our borders are curved & we set in granite setts.

    Although square themselves, as they're quite small they follow the curve fine. 

  • Use the garden hose to set the curve that you want and mark that shape with sand or go over it with a spade. Edging is up to you - bricks and setts do look good. I have a 6'' trench between my lanws and borders that I go over every couple of months and that stops the lawn invading. I have one small round border that I use those log things joined at the back with metal - so you could reuse them as the curve well.

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    I used a concrete scalloped edging - 60cm long - to edge a bed in gravel. Made a sort of circle but now it has matured and settled in it looks round. Have use them to make gentle curves as well.

    Any DIY store stocks them and can be obtained in various colours. They can be set as high or as low as you want.

  • Recently seen someone using 3 x 3ft half round rails on top of each other. And a spike down on the back of them holding them together, and into the ground. A few of these side by side could create a bit of a curve. Don't really know what you'd call them but can put you in touch with the company that made them if you wish?

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    I intend to use some of this edging when I do my garden makeover...

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    Has the editing feature been removed from this forum? Ive just tried to edit my post above but cant seem to do do. Anyway, heres a photo of Everedge product which can be used in curves... - Colours.jpg

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  • Have you thoght about Box or Thyme edging? I f kept trimmed you could keep this looking neat and it looks more natural than hard edging, with the added advantage that you can include mre than one type of edging plant thus having a range of different colours (perhaps arranged in a repeating sequence) and you can select exactly the height and profile you want without being restricted by commercial sizes of edging materials.

    An alternative if you want something harder would be to edge with blocks or paving which would enable you to have any shape of bed you wished and there is a great choice of materials. 

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