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Talkback: Weeds

Me too, Pippa. I need an extra day every second day really. I'm with you about the weeds and you'll never get rid of the oxalis especially if you have the brown leaved one with the lovely bright yellow flowers. It looks so like the soil it is invisible till the beautiful flowers appear and by then it has made runners a foot long. Everything has been very floriferous this year and the wild flowers in the meadows look gorgeous so the weed problem will be even worse next year.
As for celandines, they disappear so quickly in the spring after they have flowered I just enjoy them when they are there. Funnily enough, the brown-leaved celandine, which is very beautiful, is not nearly so invasive.


  • I love it, weeding, is one of my favourite jobs at work, wont be long untill we will be hedge cutting, not my favourite job!
  • We have needed this rain for so long, the ground has been so dry. Just to see my flowers standing up and not drooping is a joy. I can live with a few weeds and the extra weeding it gives you to do. The garden looks so much better for the rain. Anyway, its all part of gardening, enjoy!!
  • Everything in my garden is looking much better now since all the rain we have had and are continuing to have, including the weeds but they are soon pulled up.

    I have celandines in the front garden, which I thin out once they have finished flowering. I love their cheerful bright yellow flowers, it always brings me great joy to see the first Spring flowers and to dream of the gardening year ahead.
  • Oh yes the rain is great and the water butts are full once again! Weeds are also rampant here in Somerset and I have to say the 'nasty' ones (bind weed, horse tails etc) get the chop straight away! Like others on here some weeds (wild flowers as I prefer to call them) I actually try to embrace particularly in my wildlife area, currently I have some lovely bright orange hawkweed which I confess to finding particularly attractive! Bright purple toad flax (Lanaria Purpurea) has also seeded through my perennial border but the bees love it so much that it is also very welcome!...

  • Been pulling put weeds all day since the downpour we had in Bristol has made the weeds easy to pull out by hand - have to as someone came into my garden and took all my tools. my gardening friends are now all searching their sheds for tools they think are surplus so I can continue enjoying my gardening!
  • Has anyone got ideas for plants that i could grow in the V of a tree stump,
    The stump is 1 metre high with two trunks forming a V,it is in a sunny position with late afternoon shade.
  • Sempervivums and sedums, Detirer, just like someone had put in a supermarket trolley at GW Live, but much nicer.
  • Don't mention the weeds, I am having nightmares about the weeds and the wind that along with the continual rain is devastating my garden, a lot of the grass has died off except at the boarders where grass meets plants the grass there has taken over and the strimmer is without the cord, so when the rain stops I will have to tackle the rest of the mess, looking like a jungle. good luck every body!
  • I think the cure for nightmares about weeds, kaycurtis, is to watch and take note of how necessary they are to our survival, as shown in Chris Collins programme tonight,"The Wonder of Weeds" on BBC4.
  • I'm living in the the Cotswolds and the rain has been great for the garden even though I water every morning and evening theres nothing nicer than when it has poured with rain during the night and the plants and flowers are all standing tall the next morning. I must admit so are the weeds but hey, such is life!!
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