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Talkback: Gardeners' World Live 2011

I cannot make it to Birmingham to meet you all but hope lots of GW readers do and I hope they have all been watching "Botany - a Blooming history" on BBC4. It was the story of photosynthesis tonight and any gardener who watched it should never again let their plants suffer from lack of water or light or carbon dioxide. Take a tip from me and sing to them - they will flourish from the extra carbon dioxide amazingly, just like the tomatoes that get their extra portion from the power plant next door to their huge greenhouse. Now I know why the tomatoes in my conservatory give a bigger yield than those outside - its all the talking that goes on in the lounge!


  • I also couldn't make it to Gardeners World and didn't see nearly enough of it on the telivision, really couldn't starve the plants of water what with the rain and wind beating them to death poor things.
  • I am busy watching gardeners world, and was appalled to hear a 'hosta-holic' boasting about the way he deals with slugs and snails using BLUE SLUG PELLETS! How are we to conserve the wildlife and birds in our gardens, for example, thrushes and hedgehogs, when a so called expert advocates using this poisonous, obnoxious way to eradicate these invertibrates. Shocking admission, please will you address this issue.
  • I have planted Italian plum tomatoes in my raised beds.Planted them yesterday, as they were taking over my little green house. I hope they flourish, as they stuck up away from us chatting humans.
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