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Talkback: Growing veg in containers - garden pests



  • I've grown leeks and spring onions in my garden with my flowers aswell as my veg to keep the aphids away.
  • Hi Guy's,

    Hope you can help. I am attempting to grow a lemon tree indoors on the top of the stairs at work which is surrounded by glass so very warm all the time. Getting new leaves all the time and smels very strong of lemon. But, I am getting a white sticky substance on the back of the leaves like wet sugar. I started to take the leaves of but now I wipe them with water and washing up liquid. What is it? and can it be stopped.
  • tillymint - sounds like mealybug, which is very fond of citrus trees. They secrete a sticky substance called honeydew, which can cause mildew to develop on the leaves. You are right to remove the secretions with washing up liquid. Inspect the plant regularly for bugs and remove any you see. This, along with regular removal of the mealybug should eventually get rid of them.

  • Any ideas how to stop deer for eating my veg and roses?
  • I have grown red cabbage for the first time this year and I looked at them a couple of days ago and they were being eaten by something. I went out today and saw caterpillar looking things eating away at them. what can I do to stop them??

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