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Talkback: The National Gardens Scheme

If you live near Bristol don't forget the Bristol Botanic Garden is open for the NGS on Sept4th. We volunteers have been potting up hundreds of plants for sale and there is a Celebration of Bees and Pollination as well.


  • I forgot to say there is a beautiful Quilting Exhibition as well ,all for the inclusive price of £4.50 and children are free. This is a great opportunity to buy nectar- rich plants for the bees which will be sold by local nurseries.
  • I have to say that I've never really thought about opening my garden despite enjoying visiting others.
    I started and on line blog about my madcap gardening antics as a bit of a joke on the back of a flippant comment from a friend, I have since been overwhelmed by the interest and positive comments that I have received!
    Currently it's still a little new with ongoing landscaping but I certainly would consider opening it in the future.

    I know that the NGS supports some great charities but not one that is dear to my heart, do you have to support the NGS charities or can you choose your own as a member opening up your garden?

    Happymarion, I work in Bristol but have never visited the botanical gardens so these are now on my list!

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  • Higgy50, you are in for a treat! I defy anyone to take a tour round the Garden and not finish feeling their life has been enriched. The garden has only been on its present site since 2005 so you will see recent landscaping and work in progress which will interest you and give you ideas for your endeavours. Many of our visitors have just discovered us and go round the Garden breathing "What a find!". The vice chancellor of the University called it the "Jewel in the University's crown" but I call it the "Jewel in Bristol's crown". Do visit soon. We are open to the public Wed. to Sunday inclusive from 10 to 4.30 and there are tours with the curator Wed.15June, 6.30-8pm, Thursday14 July ditto and Sat.1Oct. 10.30- 12noon. But the BIG weekend when the Garden looks glorious is when we have the Open Day for the NGS on Sept4.
    I believe many people divide the proceeds of opening for the NGS half and half with their favourite charity which seems fair to me since you are using there publicity. It would be lovely if you could aim for it as your website has sparked a lot of interest in your garden just like my blogs have in mine.
  • some of my delphiniums have grown very tall with just three or four flower buds on each stem, does anyone know why?
  • Higgy50, you can give a percentage to other charities, but obviously NGS encourages you to support their charities. I had my Open Garden last weekend and it was lovely to see so many people who supported the charities and made lovely comments about the garden, which is focused on my dual passions of gardening and dogs.
  • Happymarion,
    Thank you for your answer I am currently on two weeks annual leave so I am now planning a visit to the 'bots' next Thursday all being well, I might drag my father along for a day out as he is a keen gardener also.

    Thank you also for your answer, being a dog lover also your blog is very interesting to me! I have had a quick initial look but will look at it in a bit more detail when I have some spare time to sit down and read it properly! Currently we have a brown and white border collie who is our second rescue. He is a good dog despite having an unlucky start to life. Unfortunately no one ever taught him what flower borders were! In fact he had been given no boundary's what so ever when we got him but two years on he is learning slowly! However I still can't keep him off my wild flower lawn but then I suppose that would be expecting a lot wouldn't it!

    I will give some consideration to the NGS when my 'project' is a bit further along!

    Many thanks

  • Higgy, you(and your father if he can come)will be very welcome. I'm just off to do my stint at the BG today - much better gardening weather today than last Thursday,cooler and the Garden has had some rain.
  • Thanks happymarion, spoke with my father today and he is very keen as he worked in Bristol university for 30+ years so would like to see it also. All being well will pay a visit next week!

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