Weed Tea

I have just deweeded my lawn and have a few kilos of weeds and my father suggested making a smelly concotion of something called weed-tea which, in a matter of weeks, can be used to fertilize the garden getting rid of those exy purchased fertilizers.  Can I use a 60 lit. container that has a sealed lid or should it be allowed to breath?  How much water do I put in, should it just cover the weeds or double the amount of water?  Can I keep it long or does it have to be used up within a short amount of time?  Do I continue to add weeds (any sort) to the tea or use up a batch at a time?  will I have to pour the tea through a sieve first and dilute it? 

As you can see, I have a number of questions as on YouTube some points are by someone else contradicted so would appreciate your advice and experience.


(sorry for any confusion, Possum2 and 3 are the same)

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