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Which autumn lawn feed ?

I need to feed my lawn this looks in a v poor state, 90% moss and weeds with a bit of grass in there.  As it is shady I have been recommended not to scarify until the spring, so was thinking I will feed it now, and then weed and feed again in spring / scarify and then overseed.

Any recommendations on which lawn feed to purchase for autumn ? It is 350sqm area.  I can see that some feeds have moss killer in them.  I'm concerned if I use that that all I will be left with will be bare mud. 

Any advice ? Thank you. 


  • Why not over seed in autumn, it is a better time than spring.

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    Hi Peanuts3, if your lawn has been left to get to the point where it is almost all moss, it will look pretty bare if you scarify it - idea is not to let it get too bad before you start work on it.  I personally wouldn't feed it now - you'll feed the moss as well.  Maybe put Evergreen autumn feed on it to at least kill of some moss and give the grass a fighting chance and then work on it over spring.

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