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Rose - Ice Berg.

Hi friends, i brought a beautiful pure white ice berg rose bush. It was great until we had that bit of a drought for a few weeks. The outer petals have heavey shades of pink on them, its spoiling them, also i seem to be losing leaves, they go yellow then drop off. Seems i have been having trouble with my blooms being way to small & leaves falling off, my other new roses. My old roses are fine. I would really appreciate any advice. Thanks.


  • The flowers do start with a tinge of orange/pink then to white ,then as they fade they go to spotti pink to dying brown.You need to keep dead heading to keep it going but this time of year it will be going into dormant mode.During flowering peroid you can keep dead heading if not to big or leave and then prune back for a second show,which is what I do.image

  • What i don't understand is why there was no pink shading when i brought it.

    I see what you mean though, after pink the petals go brown but is it because its the first year? I mean if i dead head these, i will have no roses left.

    I love my roses i find this frustrating.
  • the roses will form on other stems,It does seem  awful but thats how it works and this time of year it will not flower again.but next year when you do this they will grow new flowers ,you will have wait a little while but they will appear ,if you dont you will have only one showing and the bush will become straggly.

  • Ok thanks for your advice. I feel better knowings its not drastic.

    Is it usual to have a season of mini buds, last year my roses have larger blooms?

  • sometimes.image

  • Thankyou for your help, seems i was stressing for nothing.
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