advice on pruning

I have two honeysuckles in my back garden. They have not been pruned in ages and flower poorly now. However, they offer a little privacy at the top of the fencing, from the adjacent garden, which is nice. I would like them to flower better. Do I cut them from the base (hoping they will grow back well) or just prune near the top and plant some dwarf buddleia or something under them? Do I need to cut at a certain section in the stem? Also, If I plant some spring bulbs, would I need to remove the layer of gravel scattered around the bordering in my garden?


Thanks everyone.




  • nutcutletnutcutlet PeterboroughPosts: 26,087

    If you can cut some of those stems back to base you'll get new growtyh lower down. Hard work disentangling the top growth. 

  • yes, its quite dry there. I added compost and used plant feed (soluble) recently. But I'll sort some good compost/mulch. Im gonna trin out some the stems today. THe advice is great, thanlks. I'll get on it. I was just wooried, crocus, tulips etc wont get through the gravel. But thanks, that was a great help,.

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