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Talkback: Growing dwarf French beans

And the more you pick the more you'll harvest, Pippa. I too love those beans and find myself having them twice a day to keep up with the crop. They are such great value and well worth the effort.


  • my courgettes aint coming along at all ever since i planted them out theyve been subjected to a hot spell and in my stupidity mid-day watering (ive learned not to do this now) also now being drowned by constant rain and looking very sad found some seeds that had started to sprout after planted out that had been attacked by little tiny white maggots? p.s do you make your own soap spray i have some aphids on roses protected by ants used some diluted dove handwash seems to work a bit but if theres a better formula?
  • my french beans are in flower, so is my marrows, and courgettes , and all my seeds are coming up, i water first thing in the morning as we have had no rain for at least 2 months ,
  • Ive planted out a tender crop of French Beans this week. I just love them, and yes the more you pick there more you harvest. Everything at the moment is growing so well, my Runner Beans are shooting up. I have made my own soap spray with Fairy Liquid and it seems to work quite well, but I do find that the Blue Tits that come into my garden do a grand job so I repay them with extra food to keep them happy.
  • Squirrels are digging up my newly potted plants - any ideas?
  • i have a large veg garden and have grown a lot of dwarf beans in the green house this year from seed but they are about 30 cm hi and need to be planted out..i'm worried they may die as the nights are chilly still here in yorkshire..also what method of support should i use for this dwarf bushing variety..any help would be great
  • this soap spray...tell me more this to kill of the green fly...i have peas out and have noticed a much should i dilute say fairly liquid or whats best?
  • Having nutured our dwarf beans in the shelter of the greenhouse we planted them out at the weekend, only to find that today's strong winds have snapped the tops off most of them. Will they crow back, or should we start again?
  • Same thing has happened to some of my dwarf beans, stunted grower, but they should bush out if you make sure the snag is clean. Just in case of disaster i saved some seed and am now pushing one in beside each doubtful plant. They will give a successional crop anyway. There is plenty of summer left and you can, as Pippa says, protect the autumn crop.
  • I have used fairy luigid for years in the garden with no harmful effects, but have just purchased a garlic wonder fruit tree care, organic for beautiful healthy fruit it is systemic, expensive so my small frut tree's and bush fruits will be blasted with the sollutionafter I have diluted it in the ammount of water that it recommends on the container
  • I'm not sure that washing up liquid is the right stuff to use. I use a B&Q organic soap solution called "Bug free" which works quite well. It advises the use of rainwater to dilute it because this is more effective than tap water.
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