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giant veg for show

hi i went to harrogat show this year and was amazed at the the large quantity of veg so i asked some of the exhibitioners what seed they where and they said they would send me some seed up and i got some seed of a stall but dont know how to grow i got thees variaty onion kelsea , carrot a long variaty dont no the name ,carrot sweet candle , leek lyon 2 prizetaker . i will try to show a few at the local show

any advice how to grow would help



  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,423

    Hello Cody. I went to Southport flower show at your age and was amazed at the big onions on the Robinsons stand.

    I grew Kelsae onions this last year. I started them in a greenhouse in February, and planted out in May. The biggest was 2 ib 12oz which is a tiddler compared to some that are grown for size.  For huge ones, they are sown before christmas, in heat, potted onto individual pots, use growlights to extend the day, and grown on in greenhouses in big buckets of soil.

     For very long carrots,(and parsnips) they construct boxes filled with sieved sand, use a crowbar to make a hole, fill the hole with sieved compost and plant a seed in the top. they are also grown in big polytunnels.

    Medwyn Williams in anglesey holds the records for a number of veg. his website is

    It is fairly easy to get big onions with Kelsae, provided you plant in rich soil and they get plenty of sunlight.   Good luck.

  • thanks for that brilliant advice hope fully i should get some huge onions


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,423

    Medwyns website has articles on it about growing big veg. If you work your way through them, you should be able to work out what you can reasonably do. His detail about soil preparation will transfer to growing outside. You can get good results with those seeds in an ordinary garden.

     Go for it, and let us know how you get on.

  • Hi it is a bit late but I went to harrogate this year and I got some seed and joined 2 societies the veg and dahlia and both have asked me to show there next year so I think that's brilliant   

  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,423

    Good Luck for next year, Cody.image

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