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Talkback: A gardeners' visit to Madeira

I saw a poinsettia plant in Nairobi over fourteen feet high in full flower. It was glorious but then my Clematis montana is too, climbing over my garage roof. I agree, Pippa, it's lovely to see the exotics but the real thrill is what we can grow here. I am buzzing with delight at the superlatives expressed by my first visitors en masse to my garden today - beautiful and wonderful were the in-words. I did so enjoy pointing out my favourites and the weather was perfect. Can't wait to do it again.


  • Hi Can anyone help. I am new to this site and have just put a pond in my garden it is 4ft by 3ft roughly and I have bought a myosotis (water forget me not) and am not sure whether to put the plant directly in the water in its pot or grow at the side in the soil? however this soil is relatively dry? Many thanks
  • Hi Kate44cam,

    water forget me not is a pretty little fellow and when in the right conditions will reward you with plenty of growth and flowers. From my experience they like damp soil so I would stand the pot on a brick or stone so that the water just covers the surface of the soil. Alternatively you could dig out some of the soil from the edge of the pond, line it with polythene with a few holes in the bottom and then refill it with soil and some gravel then plant the water forget me not and you will have the start of a mini bog garden by the edge of the pond. (Answer based on my own experience only) Hope this helps?
  • Interesting post about exotics and how they are in their native landscape. I have been planning a jungle/exotic planting scheme for some time and have now cleared an area where I can start it. Obviously many of the plants you talk about on here Pippa wouldn't survive in my Somerset garden so I have been looking for alternatives. So far I plan on using bananas,Cannas, Gingers, ferns and grasses but any other ideas for a bit more colour would be appreciated? The area I intend to use is approximately 10x4mtrs and runs alongside my Koi pond, I plan to use raised wooden running boards as a walkway and then plant around this. Obviously although mainly a summer garden it will need to have some form of year round interest so I presume the grasses and ferns will help here, again any thoughts on other plants would be great?


  • Yes, it's great seeing 'house plants' in their proper habitat, isn't it. I'll never forget a massive rubber plant once in Turkey, which made the plant at home in my bathroom look like a bonsai version.
  • I have three clematis plants in my gardend do I need to feed them with plant food
  • Hi NEwgramps,

    traditionally clematis plants were always given a good mulching in spring which would feed them to some extent and help to keep the roots cool. However from my limited experience they will benefit from a little proprietary tomato feed or rose feed. you would generally do this spring and early summer and gradually dilute it more as you get to early summer, I find it's best to do this when the soil is moist. (advice based on my experience only)
    Hope this helps?
  • I was given a Strelitzia plant several years ago - it sits happily on my kitchen windowsill and is now about 2 feet high and has lots of healthy looking leaves but still no sign of any flower. Will it ever flower or do I need to move it or give it special feed?
  • Dear all, I just joined and wonder if I may also ask a question on this site.
    I live in the Netherlands and would LOVE to do a garden trip (organised if possible) around Galanthus.
    Would anybody know of such a garden tour ? There is one from the Netherlands to the UK, however that is fully booked every year with the same visitors. Thank you so much in advance !
  • I have growen bananars in my allotment for the past two years. And with the hard winter we have just had. I have lost it. I dont no if to get another one. Or just see what the winter is going to be like. Or just get one and pot it up and keep it in the greenhouse.
  • Tammy just went weeding on the flower garden at the allotment and i have just found a young bananar plant it has cume back it is only small but it is growing so i am made up thanks joey nothwood comunity allotments thanks
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