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Talkback: Bluebells

Don't you just love the spring, Daffs, Tulips, Crocus,Bluebells. When Christmas and new year is over and the gardening season is approaching I just get this feeling of excitement, looking for the first signs of spring, the first bulb popping its up. Bluebells are just so perfect, wish I had some in my garden. Being in my garden is my idea of heaven.


  • My bluebells are getting me up at 6.30 every morning just to drink in the sight. The sun has just come out and the orange tip butterflies are feasting on their nectar. That orange and that purply blue together are artistic heaven.
  • It is quite a wonderful sight to behold to see a wood full of Bluebells. I saw Bluebells flowering two years ago, of course i couldn't resist taking lots of photos.
  • We went to Coton Manor yesterday for the first time, the garden was wonderful. But best of all, the bluebells, what a fantastic sight , their perfume filled the air. Needless to say I took loads of photos which never seem to do justice to the real thing.Do visit if you can,soon!
  • This isn't probably the year for it as they are quite early, but in a year with a cool summer, take 10 minutes whilst you're at the Malvern Spring show to visit the bluebells in the open fields (and in the woods) at West Malvern. Breathtaking.
  • I'm very fortunate to have bluebell woods all around the area in Somerset where I live and I have to confess to some early mornings over the Easter break!
    When we moved into our current house just over a year ago I was pleased to find that there weren't any bluebells planted in it at all. Now this probably sounds daft on a bluebell blog but there is logic in my thinking; I can now plant 'pure' native English bluebells and not worry about the Spanish variety! I have in fact already planted English Bluebells and look forward to see how they establish over the next few years!
  • It's very satisfying to see people appreciate our bluebells. Please just remember to visit them in our woodlands rather than in some overly busy garden. I go into more detail and more ranting on my blog.

  • My family is lucky enough to have a wooden Challet within 25ft of Swithland Woods in Rural Leicestershire, it's been in the family for over 60yrs, and when the Bluebells are out in full bloom it is spell binding, although the numbers do seem to have dwindled over the years it is still a spectacular sight to behold.
    My little bit of paradise as i call it :0)
  • We moved to our current house 13 years ago and planted 1000 bluebell bulbs not one grew. So, took advice and discovered they needed to be planted in the green. We then plant three hundred as advised. We now have english bluebells and they are a wonderful sight. My question is we also seem to have a couple dozen spanish bluebells amongst the english. What should we do?
  • What does "planted in the green" mean? I have been trying to grow bluebells in my Canadian shade garden with no success so far. any help appreciated. thanks lynne
  • I am tranplanting bluebells spread all over my garden to a small wood. Some of the bulbs are a perect onion shape. Others are long and almost tuber shaped. I am concerned that these may be foreigners. I would be grateful for advice
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