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Talkback: Growing rhubarb

my rhubarb keeps flowering. Is this a problem?


  • Make a biscuit base by crushing 8 digestive biscuits with a little melted butter.
    Stew 1 kilo of rhubarb with 1 mixer can of ginger ale/beer (5 fluid oz I think). Once stewed, add a whole raspberry jelly mix and stir in. Once cooled, pour it onto the biscuit base and leave to set.

    Strangely it doesnt taste of ginger or rhubarb much really, but it is gorgeous.
  • Ginger does go well with rhubarb. I usually mix a teaspoon of ground ginger into the crumble mix, but I have had it with crystallised ginger mixed with the rhubarb itself. My sweet this evening was a pancake stuffed with plums from the freezer. The plum blossom up the garden has all dropped and the little plums are visible. When I saw what a huge crop is promised I took out one of my boxes of plums pronto to use. There's nothing like the sight of the new crop coming to persuade you to eat the old. The strawberry plants are covered with flowers like last year so I am looking forward to a month of strawberries with my breakfast, lunch and supper. I bet rhubarb stuffed pancakes are delicious as well, Adam.
  • Lovely recipe ideas. I like my pancakes with lemon and sugar, but you've now got me thinking happymarion, and perhaps I should be more adventurous.

    And yes, the fine weather at plum blossom time will hopefully mean a good crop. And now my apples are in full blossom too! It could be a fruitful year ahead.
  • sadly I have had to give my allotment up this year but have brought some rhubarb home with me to grow in the garden.I can not imagine not having my own home grown rhubarb and strawberrys.I too like the recipe ideas and will give them a try.
  • I have some well established crowns (variety unknown) which crop well every year, though currently struggling through lack of rain. I would like to lift and divide them, do you have any advice on how/when to do this?
    Some orange zest is good with the cooked stems too.
  • I've divided rhubarb several times in November, always successfully. Just dig up a big clump and split it with a sharp spade, Give each piece plenty of room and well rotted manure mixed into its new site.
  • Have just bought some rhubarb and put it in it has lots of small stems and leaves on it i am tempted to have one but have not done so but time will tell.
  • When I planted my rhubarb 3 years ago I put loads of muck in deep and was very good with not harvesting too much in year 1 or 2. Now I am amazed at how quickly its shooting up. I can take most of the stems and in a week find them completely replenished. I guesss i live in the rhubarb triangle (S Yorks)but the question I would ask is how much should I be taking because I don't want to weaken my plants.
  • Stop picking your rhubarb at the end of June and the plants will have the summer to grow big and strong again, Reiver Armstrong.
  • I have a large flowering stems from my rhubard....
    What should I do ...remove it or just let it grow.... it's standing 5foot tall the flower stem ????
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