Spectacular failures thanks to capsid bugs- I think

Earlier in the year I was waxing lyrical about my runner bean growing that never failed - until now. This tear they failed spectacularly for the first time and I think capsid bugs may have been to blame.

Everything in the garden started out beautifully. The beans were strong and healthy as were the shrus and cuttings, but then it all changed. By the time the beans were half way up their poles small irregular holes started appearing in the young growth with brown scarring and the leaves began to look shrivelled and gnarled. They never really recovered.

And not only the beans but the young growth on most of the shrubs in the garden. Many of my shrubs were quite unsightly. Overwintered cuttings in the greenhouse were fine until I brought them out into the garden.

I had some bean seedlings left over, so I planted them out very late and  -  they were unaffected. Maybe capsid bugs have a short season.

With so few bees around these days and loads of butterflies I couldn't use insecticide so it was a bit of a sorry summer.

Did anyone else have capsid problems? If so any tips on how to deal with them.


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