Hi again to everyone, can you tell me if it is time to trim down my fuchsia plants yet and if so how do I do it and keep till next year. I am a real novice as I have never taken cutting before and this years plants have been stunning.


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    No, don't do it yet Sheila, wait till late March/April next year and then cut them right down.  Are they hardy or not, planted outside in the ground or in pots?  

  • The technique I use is to cut them back by half in October - strip off any remaining leaves (feels sad when they may still have flowers) and then lay them down horizontally in a cold, dark place until next March.

    I have mine in a an excavated area under the workbench in a cold greenhouse, laid side by side , sometimes in two layers, and then covered with several layers of damp newspaper with a couple of wooden planks over the top.  They need to be frostfree but cold.  In March I take them out and the new ghrowths are already showing - keep them cold but out in the light    - water well, and away they go.

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    Hi sheila, here is a link to a Fuchsia site and it should give you all the info you need for Fuchsias. I love my Fuchsias' but had to dispose of a few as they got Fuchsia Gall Mite, the Fuchsias' I still have  seem to be free of this nasty disease, thank goodness.


  • Morning to all, thank you for all the help and advice for my fuchsia cuttings. It has been really helpfully and can't wait till next spring to see the results.
  • That's a great site, donutsmrs. I am rapidly becoming a fuchsia addict, with particular interest in growing standards. I have been experimenting with twisted and crossed stems as I have seen in other plant species, and am getting some nice results this yr, after learning through trial and error.  The over-wintering advice on your site was the most useful, as I have been wondering how to keep them all. I almost lost my 3 yr old twisted stem ones last yr to frost, and they have nver quite come back this yr as so much top growth was lost.  One is doing ok, but the other is mostly just a mother plant now.  I have read somewhere that fuchsias can be kept as a houseplant all yr round.  Would this be bad for my standards?

  • when I've brought mine in they have rewarded me by dropping dry leaves endlessly all winter, the ones in the garage didn't do too well either, but what they really need is a cold, frostfree place and no water.......they seem to survive so long as you remember to start them back into growth in March, when they will need light to prevent them getting leggy,


  • hi all, just thought i would jump in here found a site listed are hardy fushias that are laft in the ground in winter          http://www.solentfuchsia.co.uk/hardy.html

    hope it helps new pep out

  • Thank you, GG and Anthony. All advice gratefully received.

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