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  • 10 years ago we dug out (or so we thought) a hideous infestation of ground elder which had come from our neighbour. We then covered the area with membrane and pebbles. A few shoots came through round the edges which I always pulled out and tried to remove the roots without disturbing the membrane. This summer we want to remodel the garden. I've started clearing the membrane to find a colony of ground elder alive and well. It has only had a little bit of light from a few shoots which have crept round the edges before I caught them. How can I get rid of this horrible plant? 10 years covered and treated and it's still going strong!
  • can this pest be treated by a particular weed killer in between shrubs?
  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 82,157

    You can paint a glyphosate weedkiller carefully onto the ground elder between the shrubs, but you must avoid contaminating the shrubs.  

    After applying the weedkiller leave them until they have died down and turned brown.  This indicates that the poison has travelled back into the roots and they have also been killed.  If you remove the leaves too soon the roots will regrow. 

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  • Is it worth covering the ground elder in black plastic for a year?
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