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Talkback: Growing sweet peas from seed

My sweet peas have been sown two differnt ways soaking over night and just sowing straight into compost filled toilet tubes. The soaked ones grew leggy but the other ones grew ok. They were both put in the same window sill to grow but are still growing ok.


  • Is it ok to transplant autumn sown sweet peas outside now?
  • Reply to clematis: Yes, if the weather forecast remains good then I'd plant them out at the base of some support that they can climb up. Do water regularly after planting if the weather stays dry. Hasn't it been a dry March – well, it has been in the east Midlands.

    And 'green fingers'– interesting observation. I'll have to do the same trial and compare to see if I get the same results.
  • I sowed some sweet peas in loo roll tubes a few weeks ago & put them on the kitchen widowsill. Some of the seeds have germinated, most have not.

    Have never soaked sweetpea seeds overnight & usually sow them into pots & have never had any trouble with them germinating. Infact I always end up with too many plants & give loads to my neighbour.

    Sowed some more on Friday into loo roll holders & some in to pots. Did soak these seeds overnight so will be interesting to see what happens.

    Sowed 4 of my Russian Giant seeds in to pots on Thursday. Will sow a few more next week. I've never grown giant sunflowers before as I only have a tiny garden so I usually grow the smaller versions. I'm really looking forward to my giants(If they grow that big, of course):)
  • Ive grown my sweet peas in loo rolls and they have all grown really well, i did the same last year and had a really good show of sweet peas.
    Ive sown some of my Russian Giant seeds today, never grown the giant ones before, so here's hoping for a big one.
  • I sowed some of the sweet peas into loo rolls tubes and they've all germinated, but have now developed mildew on the tubes. How can I avoid this happening?
  • I've grown sweet peas and many others in cardboard tubes and paper pots, and yes they have always developed a mould over their surface. However, I've not noticed this has been detrimental to the growth of the plants, so wouldn't worry.

    It may look unsightly, but has anyone else actually found that this mould causes a problem to seedling growth?
  • I have also used the old toilet roll trick and soaked my seeds for the first time this year. As they were only planted at the weekend I await their arrival with anticipation!

  • Does anyone know if the little black seeds that are now bursting out of the 'pods' that formed at the end of the amaryllis stem after the flower had died eventually would grow into a new bulb?
  • I leave our Sweet Peas to there own devices, I let the seeds drop and "fingerscrossed" they have done really in the past. I am hoping that the bad weather we had this winter hasn't prevented them from germinating, so will have to wait and see what happens. The bamboo trellis is ready and waiting for them.
  • love the picture to this topic. up middle finger to you too.
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