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Talkback: Cats and foxes

They(foxes) are good at keeping the urban rat in control too, Richard. When the population was decimated by the mange in Bristol rat holes appeared in many gardens that had not seen them before. I do not have a cat but the neighbours' cats are all friendly and like to watch me working in the garden - preparing tomorrows' toilet, I think! When the cats are absent or asleep in the sunshine the fox will venture out but keeps his distance.


  • Not entirely true - I once had to pull a fox off of the back of a full sized, quite awake and healthy cat.
  • We have lots of foxes and neighbourhood cats in our area of SE London and I also wondered what they would do if they encountered each other, and now I know!

    When we had a dog, the local fox would often torment it. The dog's favourite place to lay down and sleep indoors was by the (closed) patio doors. The fox would often come upto the patio door, and tap to get the dog's attention. The dog would then turn in demented circles barking, and scratching at the door to get out. We never did open the door, but sometimes thought we should to wipe that smug smile off the fox's face that we swore would appear as he sat there calmly watching the dog!
  • Foxes, in my urban garden in Muswell Hill, North London, have taken the trouble to tear open stout wooden animal houses to get to the residents, with terminal consequences for my poor little mates: bantam hens, rabbits and, one Xmas, my incredibly large Aylesbury duck. The duck was carried away over a six foot fence and off through the woods at the back - my kids followed the trail (it had snowed and the drips of blood were clear). It led all the way to Hampstead Heath!!!
  • Oh, and one also took a 6 week old kitten.
  • We lost 11 chickens and our pet goose which was much larger than the fox and it got all these by jumping on top of the chicken house and over a 6 ft wire fence. it also carried goose over fence and left its headless body lying in my veg patch.
    We have been out in the evening and found it lying in straw in our barn and it was in no hurry to get out of our way!
  • Foxes are not my problem, cats are!! Personally I'd be quite happy to see the local fox get hold of at least one of the blasted moggies that sees my garden as its personal loo!

    I'm so fed up of the wretched creatures digging up & fouling my garden. Last year they pooed in my potatoes.

    Cat owners annoy me coz they say that it's the gardener's fault for having a bit of bare earth. I think they should keep their moggy inside & train it to use a litter tray & clear up the poo themselves. Dog owners are finned if they are caught allowing their dog to foul. Same should apply to cat owners!

    It annoys me so much that there are times when I feel like concreting my garden all over & forgetting about growing anything!

    Anyone got any ideas on how to prevent cats from coming in to my garden? And how to keep the blasted things out?
  • As someone who suffers from not only cats and foxes but also badgers using my garden as a latrine, I've found that something as simple as piles of large twigs or small branches on bare earth will often act as a deterrent. Something else I've found to work is sprinkling chilli powder or cayenne pepper onto the ground - you'll have to top it up when it's rained but it does seem to put them off. I appreciate that might not be ideal on food crops, of course.

    I should add that I own two cats myself so I certainly don't agree that cats should be kept indoors. If they're not allowed to roam about they can become overweight through lack of exercise and even develop behavioural problems due to boredom and stress.

    I do sympathise with you because I know how much mess they can make, but there are humane ways of deterring them.
  • I had a problem with cats using my garden as a toilet. I discovered if I laid a
    bit of hose on the soil in curves, the cats appear to think it is a snake and don't
    come back. Good luck!

    I also have had a fox fouling the back garden, but at least he kept to the patio
    where it is easily cleaned up. Last winter a deer came into the front garden in
    the snow, must have been looking for leaves to eat. Sadly I didn't see him, only his hoof prints in the snow.

    I have had success with chilli powder in my bird feeders to keep the squirrels from
    helping themselves.
  • I agree with you very much! The foxes around here are petrified by our older cats. When the oldest one was about two years old she leapt on the back of a poor unsuspecting vixen and bit her on the ars! The poor fox jumped over our fence screaming,and she never did come back!
  • Unfortunately not all cats are so lucky. My beautiful cat was savagely killed by two foxes, she had her neck broken so she had no chance at all. i used to like foxes but my mind has been changed now.
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