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I looked up the Stelmužė oak on Google Maps - they reckon it's under a lake


  • My garden backs onto a park of ancient woodland in North London. Mostly oak and hornbeam, but the old oaks with their great extending boughs were very damaged by the 1987 gales and many have now come down. Those that still stand again have hugely extended boughs that seem to be inclined to come down so easily if there is heavy rain when they are in leaf. Can oaks be protected from such traumatic injury, prone to disease, by having boughs shortened?
  • There are few if any oak saplings in the wood, so how can oaks maintain their dominance here?
  • We have a class blog detailing our woodland work in Cumbria with the pupils of St Oswald's Primary ... see the following for more detail:
  • @Gavin - I think G-Maps is probably wrong - If you visit the official website, you can see recent pictures of the tree.

    @James - so that explains why the oak tree here doesn't have acorns yet - it probably isn't old enough. Learn something new every day - die and forget it all...
  • Ilove trees like the rest of us but have a problem with a oak tree in my neigbours garden.It blocks off so much sunlight Ive had to move my greenhouse as hardly any rays penetrate it!
    The acorns are a big problem too as they will germinate anywhere including any free standing pots that happen to get in the way.Im forever replanting tiny oak seedlings and giving to friends and family to plant in their gardens!
    Oaks are fab trees and believe we should all look out for them but just wish this particular oak in question was two doors down from me!
  • If an oak woodland has matured and closed its canopy, then there will be no light reaching the floor, hence fallen acorns cannot grow into saplings. Oak has a fascinating history in the UK - it used to regenerate within woodlands easily, but now takes the opposite strategy. As for oak dominance, it is all about light - see how beech suddnely appears when oak is felled: the seed was always there, but never got the chance to grow due to oak preventing light penetration.
  • I found an oak tree growing in my garden and at 9 fott too big to grub out, so i just cut it low down and now i gata bush of those classic oak leaves without all the big tree problems, must be almost as good for wildlife too, i had accidentially discovered coppicing. Recomend it to your neighbours if big trees a problem.
    You wont find saplings in a mature oak forest, thats not how trees work. open grond is colonised by all sorts of seedlings then the small short lived trees (birch) grow quickly - and kill off the brambles and such. Meanwhile the little oaks seedling has been bideing its time and growing streight and true to reach the light. Then the short lived trees die and the oak takes over. It is the end game as it is not planing on going anywhere for thousands of years its seeldings are meant to be scatterd away from the parent by wildlife. If it dies the cycle repeats. Oak does not replace oak.
    Static forests / or gardens are a man made idea. Change happens and nature does not recognise designated zones.
  • Is this the best time to take cuttings from shrubs and trees
  • i have a oak about 8cm high, from a acorn
    i put in the ground a few years ago.
    can you tell me the best way to look after it. at the moment it is in a small pot in the garden doing well
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