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Talkback: Growing tomatoes: best tomatoes for flavour



  • I heartily recommend Brandywine as a pink, sweet, traditional slicing tomato for perfect BLTs. It's hard to beat them on taste.

    My tomatoes are growing like crazy this year, especially Romas in a Topsy Turvy -- already have >50 growing on one plant! (I'm in Louisville, KY)

    Strangely enough, my Brandywine is producing the least amount of fruits amongst my plants so far. It currently has 6 growing, but the Beefsteak next to it has 17.
  • can anyone tell me how to ripen tomatoes i am growing tigerella and they have been green for 5 weeks now just getting bigger and not turning red please help
  • First year of growing grafted tomatoes which were absolutely sensational. Will no longer grow anything else. They were bought from B&Q!!!!
  • Markedly well written blog...
  • To start with, TOMATO is the most fresh and light food in the world even it is my favuorite food among foods I servive on.
  • For me its got to be Marmande for the larger tomatoes and Sungold for salad tomatoes.

    I did grow MMs this year when I was given some and they are a lot better in flavour than the old MoneyMaker type that fills our supermarkets. The Germans call them Ice Bombs because they taste of nothing!

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