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Talkback: Growing tomatoes: best tomatoes for flavour

Yuk, tomatoes, yuk yuk yuk.The food of Satan. You can keep 'em, blurgh yuk...


  • Sungold are my favourites - very sweet and flavourful but the skins can be a bit tough. Last year I think Toby recommended Rosada a small plum which was also very tasty and prolific with abundant trusses. I grew both in greenhouse last year but Sungold has done well outside in the past.
  • Thank you for your constructive comment, Mr Spud.
  • Got to be Sungold. I keep trying different varieties but this one is just always the best. Gardener's Delight pretty good too. And Black Krim, picked before it gets squishy, has a lovely crunchy, sweet-saltiness. But if you're only choosing one, my vote goes for Sungold x
  • Roma are pretty good. Grew Costeluto Fiorentino last year - good flavour but not massive yield. Do quite like Gardener's Delight - sorry! This year I'm trying St Pierre and Cuor di Buo from Mark Diacono's Otter Farm - anyone know about those? They sounded tempting to me!!
  • Yes Sungold every time not tasted anything sweeter but black cherry comes close
  • Ailsa Craig is quite a good one for tast and even sized fruit.Try It !
    My Fatherused to have it years ago and I am going to try it this year plus a couple of plum tomatoes which were fantastic last year.
  • got a postage stamp sized garden, what sort of tomato would you recommend to grow in wall baskets? thanks
  • Yep, it has to be Sungold. I grew Chadwick's Cherry last year, supposed to be have a wonderful flavour, utterly tasteless! So it's back to the Sungold this year.
  • I have been growing tomatoes for over 65 years and grown many different sorts however, for ease of growing allied with best flavour and generous crops I choose Gardeners Delight grown in the open air. The flavour of all toms. grown in the greenhouse is not quite as good. This would also be my choice for first time gardeners.
  • Brandywine is fab tasting I grew them last yeat along with Black Russian.
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