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Know exactly what you mean! Same with me. Into greenhouse twice daily to open up or close down....hopefully it'll settle down soon.


  • I know exactly what you are saying - my first year with a poly tunnel, it goes from -1 over night to over 30 in the day, crazy!
  • I have no greenhouse but a conservatory attached to the house which is connected to the house by patio doors into the lounge and the fluctuation in temperature is controlled by opening and closing the door. No precious heat is lost as it heats the lounge. Being double-glazed the frost does not reach the plants or seedlings. I'm sure I've blogged before about living in a garden with a house attached! But seeds are cheap so you have time to start again if disaster strikes from sowing too early.
  • I have bubble wrap top to bottom with no heat and like you say temps are up and down some of the veg is coming up the best way I find is to fleece newspapers and cardboard fruit boxes from supermarkets veg shops gives that little extra protection i have delayed some crops as were a month behind anyway in the northeast
  • I to have bubble wrap top to bottom in my greenhouse and a small electric heater. I don't have automatic vents so I just open the window a little bit and turn the heater off once the sun is getting onto the greenhouse. I try to time it right by switching the heater back on and closing the window early afternoon when the sun has gone, so far my seedlings are coming up really well. I have managed to keep the temp just above freezing for most of the winter.
  • I heard a nice tip for helping stabilise temps in winter/spring. If you have the space, (which you should with no growbag plants at this time) move a couple of water butts into the space they would occupy. Simply fill with water and let them warm up in the day, (obviously works best in the sunniest part of ghouse)they then act as a storage heater at night and hopefully keep the ghouse temps up. Simply move them back out once the days are warm enough.
  • What should be the winter minimum temperature that plants will just tick over. Fuel prices are on the up so econamy is relavant. Any Idea's???
  • Depends on what plants you grow, if it's fragile stuff prob around 7C will be fine. More hardy stuff will tick over at a little bit lower than that. Obviously seedlings etc will grow a lot quicker the warmer it is. Personally I have opted for the use of panel heaters which cost pennys to run 24/7, should keep the greenhouse frost proof, which is all I will need, have a heated propagater for seeds and seedlings until they are big enough to harden off. Well that's my plan, we'll have to see what success I have.
  • pippa how can i be a member of your website it keeps saying erra
  • I thought it was just me, as a very new gardener and being my first year with a greenhouse I am also having trouble with fluctuating temperatures.
    I have been opening my green house window before I go to work and closing it when I come home. Today I saw it was going to be overcast and raining so took the decision that I did not need to open the window, as there was going to be little sun it was not going to heat up today. How wrong I was, I got home from work and went in to inspect my seeds i planted at the weekend only to see the maximum on the thermometer was 95 degrees! How wrong was I!
    Hope I have not killed any of them off. I am learning quickly from all the mistakes I am making. Will open window everday from now on reguardless of weather forcast.
    Any tips grately received.
  • I keep all my seedlings in the garage i've no room for my car but every thing growing well
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