Huge Hydrangeas

How can I reduce the size of three huge hydrangeas that are completely dominating a smallish front garden?


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    Go to RHS Hydrangea good advice there
  • Dig two out and keep one. Hydrangeas are large plants

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    Digging them out isn't an option.  Our customer wants them kept, only smaller.  Trouble is we aren't professional gardeners, we're only just starting out.  Willing but not yet very knowledgable!  From what I understand, we can dead-head them soon to tidy them up (we live in the south), prune a bit in about April but cutting them down now to about 4' which is what our customer wants (at the moment they are all at least 6' x 5') will just encourage lots of new growth with no flowers next year. 

  • In our old house we had 3 huge hydrangeas.  I would prune / dead head in April once frosts had finished to the required size and removed any dead wood too!  by the end of the summer though, they were almost back to their original size! In could never be too harsh with mine, they were extremely hardy and would do well from a really good prune.


  • I always had flowers when pruning hard, never not had any!

  • I agree.  Hydrangeas are pretty resilient plans & can take really good pruning every year.   Pruning should be late Winter & you're only talking of a reduction of one-third, which it should cope with well.

    You can deadhead in late Winter/early Spring, after frost has passed, but this is a matter of personal taste.  Personally, I love the way hydrangea heads look in the frost, but some people do see them as unattractive.   

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