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Time for distance glasses.Richard? I used to be the same with bus numbers. But your blog is enough to make one want to live in London - just kidding. you have enough of the human animal already! Four eyes are always better than two on walks, I find, especially younger ones. It works the same on weeding forays in the garden, much better to have two pairs of eyes, and that way you can share if you find a baby newt or something equally delightful like your nuthatch.


  • The picture is very interesting to me. The nuthatches in Minnesota are very white on the breast. Does this one also walk upside down on the tree trunks to store seeds??
  • today is the first day that ive ever seen a nuthatch in my garden,im really really pleased,also a blinking brown rat has decided to pay us a far hes been sitting on my lawn for about an hour helping himself to bread,nuts and seed which i have to say are for my birds......
  • mjceaser: yes, our European nuthatches also walk upside down the trunk, they are the only kind of bird to do so here. We are very lucky to have a pair that regularly visits our garden. I think they're great.
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    We have the European nuthatch, Sitta europea, here. You have probably seen the white-breasted nuthatch, Sitta carolinensis, which is apparently very common in much of North America. In Britain there is only one other little bird that runs on the bark. The treecreeper is mottled brown and only walks up tree trunks (as do the larger woodpeckers), using its tail as a support. The nuthatch walks up, down and sideways across the tree trunks.
  • I saw a Nuthatch for the first time last year at the crematorium when visiting my mums grave. Some people had put bird feeders up in the trees and as i watch the blue tits i was suprised to see the nuthatch grading some seed and darting off to another tree. It was truly great site.
  • can someone please help as a novice in the garden I have a problem. with the severe frost my two large palms in the garden have completely flopped with the severe winter. All the beautiful leaves are flopped and a sandy brown. Should I remove all the dead leaves? and will the palms get back to their original state or are they comletely dead?
  • Nuthatches go down, treecreepers go up and neither nest in my special nest box alas. If you cannot see the nuthatch - listen - it has a characteristic call - a bit like polystyrene on glass.
    More at -
  • This is my very first blog, so bear with me. I think I will try the Brandywine tomato this year - sounds good.
    I would like to ask a question if anyone knows the answer. Last year I decided to buy
    a living Christmas tree and repotted it in a nice big container, never brought it inside and decorated it out on the deck. I have recently noticed many needles turning brown, especially at the branch tips. Is the tree suffering from a lack of something?
  • Nuthatches are particularly nimble. They are the only birds that can be seen creeping down a tree trunk in search of insects other birds may have missed.
  • Have a nuthatch nesting in a bird box attached to my eves, which is usually used by blue tits. Never had a nuthatch in before. fascinating to watch. Can see the young being fed as they reach to get food parent brings to it. Sure there are 3 different birds feeding young in box though.
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