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Talkback: Identifying birdsong

is it too early for nightingales? There was a lovely bird song coming from a tree outside our local pub last night but we weren't sure what it was! and no we hadn't had too much to drink!


  • I love the song of the wren - so powerful from such a tiny bird and he makes sure we all hear by singing from the top of the tallest tree.
  • Oh! to hear song birds whilst you can, but if your friend is so against this beautiful sound I suggest ear plugs, if he was deaf he would long for the song of a bird.
  • Reply to kaycurtis: I quite agree, it is a beautiful sound, but I would much rather the damned thing kept civilised hours! ;)
  • I love hearing the birdsong even more when i live in the city. What are the birds that sing before it just gets bright in the morning and i can hear birds sing too at dusk in the evening.
  • I'm not so much woken up by the bird song, as by my two cats sitting on the bedroom windowsill at the crack of dawn watching the birds singing in the nearby tree branches, and doing their 'cat-chattering thing' out of frustration that they can't get at the birds. Apparently, I was told, they’re trying to mimic the birds to make them think they're safe - if you ask me the cats should give, they're no where near as melodious a sound to wake up to!
  • The dawn chorus beats any form of alarm clock. Your a long time Deaf, ENJOY.
  • We get woken by birdsong very early, too, but in our case it is a thrush. I love his song even more than that of the black bird.

    We have robins singing in the night, too, but their song is much 'faster and higher' and kind of more aggressive sounding than the song of black birds which I hear as lovely and melodious.

    It is probably quite subjective how we hear and interpret bird song....
  • They are all fantastic singers and have you noticed they never sing flat arenever out of tune and always hamonise.
  • When I lived in Nunhead, back in the late 1980s, I was always caught off guard by a starling that made the noise of a trim-phone
    Very peculiar.
  • Thanks for all your comments.

    Joyce - is unlikely to be a nightingale, it's often confused with the robin, which also sings at night

    Richard - how delightful! The starlings near me just make burglar alarm and siren noises.
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