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  • i live in the western Algarve and always well almost sunny, but i have a balcony that is nearly always in the shade in summer it gets a little sun but in the winter it has none. i want to make it look a little more apealing but not sure what plants will grow, i was thinking of something evergreen ( but not ivy ) climber with flowers in the summer. and a plant that i could get over here. any suggestions appreciated.
  • I use a spray & leave product. It does the job without all the back breaking scrubbing. Does the job far better than I could, well and its alot easier. Has anyone not gone down this route before when dealing with Algae, Moss or Lichens?
  • We are planning to patio our entire garden. Someone suggested we use a groundwork company to level it all off and then layer some cement so we have a good flat surface to work with. Any comments ot suggestions on this!
  • It have a beautiful camelia which is in bud as we speak but every year i have lots of blueflies around it then small white squares appear under some of the leaves. Then I get masses of what looks like soot all over it, up the stams all over leaves everywhere, it still manages to produce masses of flowers but they tend to fall early or not open.
  • Thanks for the great idears
  • What spray do you use James?
  • Sad to read that carolk is planning to patio entire garden. Couldn't you just have a small area of patio and then plant some plants? Sounds a bit barren to me having garden all concreted over how about something for the birds and bees?
  • Our lawn is over-shaded by a large spruce and the grass suffers. In Spring, beneath the branches, fungus appears in the lawn. It looks like half an egg shell, buried in the ground, with the open end pointing to the sky. The fungus disappears in a few weeks but we would like to know whether it's harmful. It's not something that we would like to retain and if there was a safe treatment to eradicate it, we would do so. Any ideas please?
  • how do i clean the little stones inbetween paving slaps, do u think soda crystals wud do the trick?
  • I use a spray called Green Clean, does the job really well. Found it works best on porous surfaces though - wood & sandstone have come up a treat in our back garden.
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