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Talkback: Algae in the garden

I agree, nearly came a cropper on some of our faux decking.....


  • My five-year-old went base over apex at least six times in 10 minutes, crossing and recrossing the small area of decking that had become similarly green and slimy. In the end I attacked it with washing up liquid and a heart-rushing attack with a stout broom. Three months on it is still safe to tread.
  • Spray bleach on stonework. Kills it Deed.
  • Soda crystals work a treat and seem to keep paving/decking clear of moss and slime for months.
  • vinegar and washing up liquid also works i've been told.
  • I always laugh at my neighbours who spend hours and loads of water spraying their drives and patios to clean them. How ridiculous when all you need are the above suggestions.
  • The best solution I have seen for slippery wood was at Dewstow Gardens and Grottoes where there are wooden bridges over streams. They have stapled wire mesh over the wood which gives a firm grip even when it is pouring with rain and, of course, makes the paths longer-lasting.
  • Soda crystals are the answer. About 50p a box from Wilkos. Put the contents of the box into a watering can with hose attached and add Boiling water until full. Pour onto algae (as many watering cans full as needed)and leave for two days to work , then hose off.
  • Sorry, I meant "rose" not "hose" in the previous entry. Also, the soda crystal treatment last about a year.
  • Just buy the patio cleaner attachment for a pressure washer, saves alot of time and uses less water particularly if you use the water out a waterbutt.
  • What an amazing aray of suggestions!
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