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peace lilly

Morning all, i have a rescued peace lily from the car boot,was 5 inches tall and drowned.,now 20 inches high and 1 foot wide and has decided to give us 2 wonderful flowers,Now do i deadhead or no,do i cut the used stem low or no, can i get seeds from the inside of the flower that looks like a tongue,also i have another young one 8 inches tall with about 10 small flowers again do i dead head etc, i will look on RHS but i do like advice from people who have actually done it and been there, Right many thanks and av a nice day,its chucking it down here in Tenby for a change ha,ha. site wont let me do pics sorry.


  • I leave the flowers on to die back, eventually you'll be able to just pull the flower stem out easily. But you can just cut the flower stem as low down as you can, if you don't like the dead flower. Mine have never pollinated to produce seeds. As the pollen is messy I tend to cut off the flower and just leave the white spathe.

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