Rose buds not opening.

I have posted another question elsewhere in the forum, but this is a different plant, and a similar but different issue.

In the back garden, I have a very mature rosebush. Like its fellow in front garden it has been neglected for some years, in particular by being surrounded by holly, ivy and other shrubs, so that it has to get to about 2 metres high before it see the sun. However, it does do this. So far this year it has flowered quite nicely, despite some of the flowers being too high for easy dead-heading. In the past couple of months I have managed to clear most of the holly and surrounding shrubbery, and dead-headed and pruned back to leaf joins. Since doing this, it has put on strong new growth (very red, is this a good thing?) including many buds. But these new buds steadfastly refuse to open; two weeks or so. Is this normal? Could it be too late in the year for this particular specimin? No pictures at the moment, but I could take some if needed.


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    Hello Wakou, it's me again.

    Your rose sounds as if it is happy, if old, to me and it hasn' had any favours done to it in the past by being surrounded by shrubs.

    Firstly, the redness of the shoots is something to rejoice in. These are happy shoots. Not all roses grow new shoots that are red, some are green, but if they are red then that is fine for this rose.

    Secondly, if it flowered earlier on in the year with no problems then it is just having another little shot but finding that, as you say, there isn't any more sunshine left. The buds will hang on there, waiting for the Indian summer that they say we shall have and then they will open. They could hang on there until Christmas and might give you one (albeit a very raggedy one) for your Christmas table.

    I'd say it's glad to be out from under the bushes and is showing you how happy it is by budding and shooting up. Keep doing what you are doing.image

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    And feed it well in Spring!image

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    Thank you both...  image I have a source of mature horse poo at the bottom of the road. I think the poor old things deserve a barrow-load sometime in the not too distant future.  image

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