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Hi, I would appreciate your help and advice.. I purchased two approx 5ft/6ft saplings, one Rowan and a Silver Birch which arrived saturday.  I was very surprised at how small the pots are  which they are planted in.  I am not ready to plant them in the garden just yet, but i would really appreciate some help and advice on planting them in larger pots.  Do i need to add anything to the compost to help them and also what to do with them to protect/ store them over winter. 


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    Water them in the pots they are in(stand in a bucket of water for an hour.)

     Have you checked, is the pot rootbound or  has it just been packed with peat, ie recently lifted.

    Get the holes dug and plant asap. I would not try to store overwinter.

    It's not a mess, it's a nature reserve.
  • Hi - I tried to overwinter a silver birch in it's pot and, as fidgetbones has suggested, don't do it!  Mine died a premature death!

  • You may be in the same situation I was last year with absolutely no possibility of planting out at the time they arrived.  I had spent a small fortune on some trees that I believed I was just taking ownership of, not actual possession of, but due to a mutual misunderstanding they arrived at christmas and I either had to plant them somewhere else or let them stay in pots. They were too tall for the greenhouse and everywhere else in the garden was too exposed and I knew the rootballs would freeze solid in their pots.  So, I gave a lot of thought to swaddling them in rolls of bubblewrap, then changed my mind and temporariluy replanted them in potato grow bags. That way each tree had a huge mound of compost to keep it warm, the roots got a chance to spread out and when I was ready to plant I just dug huge growbag sized holes and plonked the whole lot in the ground.

    It was probably a really bad, terrible thing to do but it worked and the trees not only survived last years horrible winter sitting in their growbags but have established beautifully in their new homes this year.

  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 11,273

    Good thinking , Mccavityimage

    It's not a mess, it's a nature reserve.
  • Hi,  Thanks fidgetbones for your advice but the area in the garden is not ready yet and in time i would want to move them. I am going to  plant them in potato grow bags and keep my fingers crossed, thanks Macavitythecat . thanks again to all for your advice

  • I have a Brown Turkey fig tree in a large pot and now in its 2nd year. I had a small but delicious crop of 6 figs this year, picked last month. I now have the 2nd crop which are quite large - around 2cm and there are about 30 figs. I can also see next years small pea sized figs just emerging. Normally the pot is outside but I brought it into my greenhouse with doors and windows open as the birds were taking an unwelcome interest, as the fruit was ripening.

    I live in SW Essex.

    My question is, should I now remove the 2nd crop, which I presume will not ripen?

    Thanks for reading..

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