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Talkback: Clematis wilt

very helpfull thanx


  • DaisyDaisy Posts: 1
    Are there any plants cats find repellant? I need to control a cat in a courtyard garden with beds she is destroying.

    Many thanks,

  • Ah well, at least I know what caused my clematis catastrophe!
  • Can tell my neighbour now what's wrong with her clematis! Many thanks!
  • So this is what happened to my NEW plant !!!
  • Now I know what happened, but luckily I took two cuttings when I cut the clematis right back to rid this problem!!
  • Now I know what happened to mine!!!!!!!!!
  • I came accross this link in the newsletter, just in time to find out what was wrong with my clematis... I thought it was thirsty! Many thanks for the tip.
  • Peat BPeat B Posts: 441
  • One of your BBC Gardeners World magazines featured a low growing plant that cats hate. You were selling it. I can't find which edition it was and would like to purchase a couple. Please can you name the plant and the month of the magazine that it was in.

    Hopeful. Helen

    [email protected]

  • alan moorealan moore Posts: 1
    cant find the problem listed,the leaves die back from the base upwards, at the same time new growth keeps coming at the top of the plant,what can be done to stop it
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