1 shrub ID, and lots of advice needed for the rest!

djjjukdjjjuk Posts: 212


can anyone confirm what variety of fuschia this is - its not evergreen:


im after advice on when to prune it - its gone a bit unwieldy! hard prune in spring? prune now?


i also have a variety of other stuff that im not 100% sure on whether they are annuals or perennials - and in the case of the latter what to do with them. will they die back? the ones in pots id like to keep replacing with other things on the season - ie daffs, tulips, etc etc then back around again. but im not sure where to keep them til next year?

anyway - i have the following you might be able to see from pics:

  • coreopsis sunray
  • verbena
  • agapanthus
  • lavender 'munstead'
  • some other lavender, not sure!
  • lots of trailing surfinia
  • osteospermum
  • mini marguerite
  • a couple of others i dont know the IDs of - came in a perennial pack?









any advice on what to do with all these now?



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