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  • I too have itchy fingers at this time of the year and always make a first sowing of tomatoes, chillis, sweet peas, onions and a few lettuce around now.
    The tomatoes and chillis sit on my bright but not too warm window sills until they go into the greenhouse and polytunnel, the others go into the unheated greenhouse under bubble wrap and do fine.~I live in the south east and like to have enough plants to take the calculated risk of putting them out a bit early,clothed in fleece, usually works and i get my first tomatoes at the middle to end of June
  • I have to agree with gardening express, I honestly dont understand the rush, I have only been growing veg for 2 years,and I have bought all my seeds and seed pots, so i'm excited about the year ahead, I have a greenhouse but its not heated, I did try growing toms in conservatory the first year, but they went leggy, i'll be waiting till late march early april before doing much.
  • you can sow in january (tomatoes peppers and aubergines inside)
  • Hi can someone help please i have blit in my veg garden can i put jeys fluid on it to kill it if so how long do i leave before i can use it again to sow my seeds.
  • Regarding no. 9 - Asparacus:

    I planted some seeds last year and they has grow a litte but very slow.I know that they need at least 3 years to grow Asparacus from seed but last for nearly 20 years... I had used lots pots for the seeds last year... However, I give up on them last weekend and throught them away... People always say I've got green figer but I run out my passion on them...
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  • as a follow up, if this is an indoor crop, sowing now is ok.... so long as you can keep them warm enough. x
  • I have bought two asparagus plants from a local shop in a plastic bag with soil in it, I can see one of the plants has a shoot already, the instructions say plant in March, but I think the plant will die by that time. My query is can I plant the asparagus now in a pot and then transfer the plant to my allotment in March?

  • I too have bought some asparagus crowns & some rhubarb & haven't got my ground ready, as it's so full of stone & boulder that it's taking forever to clear it.  I wanted to plant them in a container this year & then plant them out when the ground is ready, but I know rhubarb for one doesn't like to be moved when it's established.  I don't really have a choice at the moment, I'll just have to go for it, but any advice/suggestions would be appreciated.

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