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What does everyone think

Hi folks,

finished off this rockery for mom and dad, what does everyone think?





  • Hi Have a go Nick!

    Looks like mum & dad have kept you hard at work! Have you left some soil planting pockets under the gravel? You could try putting in some of the smaller spring bulbs in there like crocus & muscaria & the small iris varieties would look good too at the waters edge. Time for a well deserved rest now! Looks good!

  • Alan4711Alan4711 LincolnshirePosts: 1,572
    Hi Nick what size and type did the waterfall pond pump/filter need please im thinking of doing one similar
  • Are you looking for praise or honest opinion? (apart from the fact that there is flowing water there is nothing that I personally would have in my garden)

  • Read the question blairs?

  • KT53KT53 Posts: 3,873

    You've got the strata on all the stone running the same way which is always a good startimage.  You've also done a good job in hiding the hose up from the pump.  Because it is so new all the elements look very stark but that will soften with time.

    The waterfall, being so different in colour to the natural stone around it, does stick out like a sore thumb at the moment.  Hopefully, once the planting develops it will soften the lines and grow into the waterfall and the colour differences won't be so obvious.

    You have clearly put a lot of effort into the project.

  • I thought it was quite good for someone who has never done it before?

  • There's about 8 alpines in there at the mo so hopefully they will spread over time

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