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Talkback: Harlequin ladybirds



  • Definitely best to leave ladybirds where they are at this time of year as the weather is still vary variable and a sunny spot in the garden can soon turn into a frosty spot!
  • i can not understand why i have so many ladybirds in my garden and a few in the house what does this mean ?
  • why have i so many ladybirds in our garden and also a few have come in the house
  • I have loads of ladybirds in my garden as well, they look like the native ones pictured. Why so many?
  • Whilst gardening today we have noticed that there seems to be an unusually large amount of ladybirds around at the moment. Is this just due to the warm weather?
  • on visiting one of my favourite nursaries last summer there were litraly thousands of ladybirds crawling all over the place but they were the brown legged type that are not native and although I have loads of wild life in my garden, there was an alarming shortage of ladybirds.hope our native one's are not being wiped out.
  • I live in Kinver in South Staffs and have a seriously increasing problem with Harlequin ladybirds overwintering around the inside of sash windows and coming into the house when the heating goes on. This has got worse over the last three years as they are multiplying at an alarming rate. Last week my daughter and young grandson came to stay and the light in our guest room brought them out in droves. I hoovered them up and lost count when I reached a hundred. The following evening they were there again. I find several in the kitchen sink each morning and have even had them drop into food. These are not the cute little ladybirds of nursery rhymes and childrens stories, and yes they do bite. It is impossible to collect the clusters and put them in a shed, as has been suggested in your magazine, because they gather in hidden nooks and crannies where you cannot find them. We have lots of native seven spots among the leaf litter in our garden but these invaders are not welcome. I am at a loss to know what to do next winter. Any suggestions would be most welcome.

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