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Talkback: Harlequin ladybirds

Thanks for that observation, Pippa. Have likewise noticed the number of Harlequins hibernating in our large conservatory window frames. Bit of a slob though, and haven't dusted for a while but now you have given me a genuine gardening related reason for donning those marigolds and getting out the feather duster!!
Will get back to you.....


  • As this species originated in Siberia amongst other places, I doubt it is the cold alone that is killing them.
  • I have exactly the same problem of ladybirds on my windoill since last couple of years. I keep vaccuming but they keep flourishing. Like Pippa I am not good at killing anything. Idon't know how to get rid of them.
  • i was reading all the above last night and today while i was cleaning the windows,i found 4 dead ladybirds they look like the picture you have showing,they were in the seals of the windows and 1 was in the seal of the back door......why didnt they go to there lady bug hotel that we have around the garden is it because the doors/windows are warmer and dry.
  • I have a herd of ladybirds in my bedroom. They're quite active, walking around the window, across the ceiling and sometimes on the bed. I think they're harlequins though I'm not sure, but they're certainly still feeding. I have a pot of Stevia, a herb, overwintering by the window, and was horrified to find it smothered in aphids a while ago. Then the ladybirds arrived and hey presto! no aphids. They did a similar job on my aubergines in the greenhouse last summer, dealing with a heavy infestation on 15 plants. (I like aubergines!) I know they're a threat to our natives but it's hard to complain when they help me out so efficiently.
  • Ladybirds certainly do love warmth. I remember the swarms in Weston-s-Mare one very hot summer. I think it was 1976. The seafront was swarming with them. No wonder they are seeking refuge in our centrally -heated houses in very cold weather, but they don't bite as far as I know and do help protect our plants from aphids.
  • it a lovely place for the bees
  • I have found several ladybirds on my windowsills in the bedrooms. Not all dead, mostly the common red with black spots. My question is, what is best to do for them, leave them alone, or put them out in the sun (we have had some lately!) to find a better spot?
  • I was on holiday on The Isle of Wight during that hot summer of 1976 and remember being delighted at seeing swarms of them too. It was an amazing sight.
  • Hi guys, I have just acquired some glass and wish to build a greenhouse from it, what would your advise be or in which magazine can I find the info and I'll have a root through my back issues. I have 3 pieces 2 of the same size so I guess I can put this on the sides and a longer piece for on the top.
    Can I also maybe mix pvc and glass??
    The dimensions of the pieces I have are 4ft x 2ft (1 piece) and 3ft x 2ft (2 pieces. They are double glass.
  • I have been noticing ladybirds in my house for over a month. I have today found more than ten of the things in my kitchen. They are all of the red with black spot versions but I had one there a month ago that was black with two red spots. I have also been bitten a few times over the past few days- ankles! It seems that no aphids = eat me! I hope that they are not loads more of them hibernating in my window frames!
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