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Storing Onions and garlic

just pulled all of my onions. Now on racks in Gh to dry out.  Have never had a decent crop before, have had to chop and freeze for stews, etc. But these all look storable.  I could just put them in sacks once the skins have dried, but would like to hang and admire the fruits of my labour! Just reach up and pull one! So how do I make an onion rope?. Is it just like plaiting? how dry do the tops and skins need to be? I think I would need to plait in string to hang?

Any help/advice gratefully received.


  • Two ways of doing it.


    I've always done it the first way although the second looks a little easier.

  • ROZZROZZ Posts: 11

    HI G. I have done the second utube on the onion rope. With great success and they look great. Could not get the hang of the first utube demo. The tops of onions kept breaking as very dry. good luck



  • Thanks, Netherfield and 'Catmummum'! will look at those a bit later after my catch-up on here.  Sorry not to have replied sooner, not had chance to be on for a few days.

  • Justbeen checking my profile and realised never thanked you all for your advice! Made 3 beautiful onion ropes that have stored well and looked beautiful. One was striped red and brown onions! The only prob has been spoiling the ropes to use the onions! Thank you.

  • Lupin 1Lupin 1 Posts: 8,916

    I don't go to the trouble of making ropes, lazy or what ?   I hang mine in the garage in wash bags that you wash delicate clothes in.

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