Hydrangea Problem

I have a 10 year old white hydrangea on a south facing wall that had to be cut back to nearly ground level and then was severely trampled on by builders last winter, in fact it's a wonder it's still alive! Anyway, it has grown again and is fairly bushy, about 2' tall but has not flowered at all this year although I see a small head forming now. The main problem though is that a lot of the leaves have become brown and very dry, curly at the edges, although they are not falling. Should I take them off or just leave it and keep my fingers crossed for next year?


  • Alan4711Alan4711 Posts: 1,569
    Hi Ally5 if you cut right back passed the present years growth the flowers wont come back in that year ,dont worry this renewed growth will give strong stems and leaf,next flowering season give it good potash feeds ,and dont forget they are very thirsty shallow rooted plants,
  • Ally5Ally5 Posts: 13

    Is that the problem with the leaves as well?

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