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Blackcurrant cuttings

i have a huge old blackcurrant in my garden left from previous tennants, it was overgrown last year so i cut it back leaving only 4 stems and took 8 cuttings from the old wood for myself, all of which have produced a bit of fruit this year, however, someone is coming this week to clear the garden and level it out and so the main plant will have to be moved as its down in a dip and sliding into the adjacent field. I have pruned it, (leaving only 3 stems of new wood in the vain hope that if it survives the transplanting it may even produce a bit of fruit next year,) but should i cut back more than that? Also, i was wondering what the chances are of cuttings of the new wood actually surviving if i tried to propagate them? I dont really need them but i have had quite a few requests for cuttings from people who know how tasty the fruit from this plant is. 

Any advice would be appreciated image


  • Sorry, i seem to have put this in the wrong thread and dont know how to move it. Will post again in 'fruit and veg' forum x

  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,570

    Don't worry about the wrong  thread.

    You can easily propagate from the prunings. Use foot  long, pencil thick wood and insert in a slit trench and forget about for a year.

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