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I got some begonia plug plants earlier this year and they were tiny. I nurtured them and potted them on as and when they needed it and much to my surprise they have been beautiful. Will these plants come up again next year? 

I also bought some begonia tubers (are they tubers or are they corms????) and they look like completely different plants, however I know I will need to take them out of the basket and store them over winter.

Please forgive my ignorance but will I need to do the same with the plug plants???? Will they have produced tubers/corms now or are they a different type of plant altogether???


  • Not to sure about the plugs you will just have to up root the after the first frost and see.

    They are called corm's and not tuber's,and they will need to be stored untill next year in the spring time.

  • I like begonias as they are easy to grow and need little attention once they have started to grow in the spring. I generally grow them in pots or hanging baskets(depending on variety).I am able to protect them in this way from slugs as they feast on them!

    I leave them out till frost is expected and then remove the top growth and store them in their containers( make sure they are dry, or they will rot).I leave them in the garage which is attached to the house and therefore are protected from the frost.

    I do the same with the plugs although some of them may not shoot up again in the spring. I usually start checking them in March/April and water and repot them and put them in a unheated GH till danger of frost is over.

     I think that it is the frost and wet compost in winter that kills them.

    It may seem like alot of work but they do flower their socks off till the frost arrives. image


  • Thank you both for your reply. I'll definately be bringing them in over winter and fingers crossed they'll be just as beautiful again next year. 

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