Show size onions like my uncle used to grow

My Uncle used to grow huge onions for show, when i was a child we used to go to Newbury and bring back some of the "small" onions (must of been a couple of pounds each at least) it used to take my Mum a week to use one up.

I really want to grow onions like my uncle used to but my onions this year ended up more like small shallots .

I am going to try my uncles  method (or what i can remember) Ailsa craig seeds planted new years day, but thats all I know of his method. Plant ailsa Craig and do it new years day.

I want to try another more modern variety either from seed or sets but not sure which variety to go with any hints or tips would be appreciated on variety to try or ways to grow huge onions. 


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 11,271

    Have a look at this.

     The big ones are Kelsae. If you sow christmas day, you will need some heat and possibly extended daylight hours (supplementary lighting). They also like a lot of feed.

     My biggest was 2 lb 12 oz, and lots over 2lb. I sowed in February, moved into cold frame as soon as they were growing. All three varieties were treated the same. Another big onion is Robinsons Mammoth. They sell plants in the spring.

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